Wasting taxpayers' dollars in Montville

Montville politics at its best. Since the Democrats have been in control of the Town Council the "good ole boy" system has been brought back to town.

Gary Murphy, who was responsible for having Dana McFee arrested, will soon be looking to change the vendors' ordinance, which will only hurt businesses in town but benefit him.

While Mr. Murphy was on the council he cost the taxpayer more than $10,000 in lawyers' fees because he wanted revenge against people that attacked a Democrat for a violation of the Code of Ethics. Now he's costing taxpayers money to force the police to investigate the removal of a sign that was defamatory to a man - another case of revenge.

Dana McFee allegedly was given permission by the land owner to remove the sign. Even off the council, Mr. Murphy is costing taxpayers money. So let's continue to spend taxpayers' dollars for something that sounds so ridiculous. This spending practice will continue going on for as long as the Democrats are controlling the town. They will do whatever it takes to seek revenge on anyone that goes against them.

I hope someday the voters will stop continuing to elect people that will not represent them.

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