Day flood-insurance editorial badly flawed

The Day editorial "Paying their own way," (Feb. 1), is short-sighted and beneath a publication of such distinction as The Day. Some facts. The sea level is rising. Those who live close to the water will need to pay more. The Biggerts-Waters Act is a simple answer to a very complex problem.

The legislation and editorial is written from emotion not good policy. The new regulations will hurt far more poor people. Much of Florida and southern Louisiana are now in the flood plain. The people who live there are not the swanky rich that The Day is obviously taking such joy at seeing face financial challenges. What The Day, and Congress, do not understand is, the rich will just pay cash and not need flood insurance. The vast majority of buyers will need a mortgage. Few will fork over the huge increase in flood insurance and thus the funds, whch The Day and Congress expect to replenish the Flood Insurance Fund, will not come. Further, because of the inevitable reduction in home values there will be significant reductions in property taxes. Where will they be recouped? I fully expect The Day to advocate raising property taxes on those high and dry or agree to substantial cuts in town budgets.

It's not about "us" and "them." It is about "us."

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