Pre-K won't help in dysfunctional families

Regarding preschool for poor kids; everybody agrees kids deserve preschool education. The goal is to break the cycle of poverty through education. Such programs have to be in concert with proven family programs that work. If not, you will have little or no success.

That brings us to work ethic, drugs, alcohol, gangs, etc. How are we doing on that front? Not very well is the answer.

Concerning the commentary, "NL goes national once again," (Feb. 9), the City of New London won the court fight. Some say the victor gets to write the story line. I guess that means columnist David Collins and Mayor Finizio get to revise events to match their liberal view? In this case, blaming the middle-class homeowners of New London for the "Kelo v. New London" court decision?

I have written investigative reports my whole adult life. To describe a comment about "Dominican" drug rings as racist is without merit. It's a fact and the police department should be allowed to crush it.

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