Offers to Help Before Being Asked

Once again the community of Northford and North Branford has chosen to assist its neighbors during the holiday season. Each person or group contacted this Department of Social Service office with a desire to help; no one needed to be asked. This is a community that offers to help before being asked to help. There is no greater compliment to a community.

The same is true for the staff of the Town of North Branford including the Town Hall, Police Department, Fire Department, Ambulance, Community Center, libraries, Public Works Department, and the Board of Education.

This year, in particular, was challenging with planned and unplanned changes within the Department of Social Service. The staff assisted this office above and beyond any requirements to facilitate these programs. There is no greater compliment to public service staff than to know they also are working in the capacity of community service.

My heartfelt thanks to both the community and the staff of the Town of North Branford for their assistance and patience above and beyond. It is most appreciated.

Luisa Breen

North Branford Department of Social Service


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