Question common core before it's too late to stop

Parents, school boards and children are being taught a new curriculum, please learn about it.

Massachusetts' former assistant state superintendent of schools, a system rated first in the country, was among several experts hired by common-core developers to review and "approve" of its content. She and one other professor condemned the "common core standards."

Forty-six states adopted common core in 2012. One dropped out, Massachusetts, postponing it for a two-year study, and New York is following with a study committee being appointed. Every state has groups in opposition.

Teachers, administrators, parents, grandparents, are educating themselves in common core details. Eliminating poetry and classic literature from English classes, testing children with information that is beyond their neurological age brain development, common core is bad for the child, bad for the teacher, bad for the parents, and has high costs to the local school committees to meet its "data-mining" component, frightening in its depth. The states bought in with the promise of future money.

Common core was written in conceptual language, never tested in schools. Its developer states students will not pass the STEM test, and predicts a 70 percent failure in K-12, which is the means test for teacher performance. Please go to to register for this March 1 educational forum. You need to know more about this.

Why change? Connecticut was performing in the top five educationally.

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