Keeping Tabs on the New High School Construction

As steel structure rises at the new Guilford High School building site, the message of learning is also being incorporated into the project.

Nasty Nor'easter and all, construction work on the new Guilford High School keeps chugging along on target-and under budget. The Guilford High School Building Committee (GHSBC) has agreed to target the spending limit on the new high school project to $91.2 million, $1 million less than the referendum that was passed by the town majority, explained the committee's Communications Subcommittee Chairman Mary Beeman on the committee's Facebook page,

Some numbers: The building foundation, excavation, and backfill is 95 percent complete, and the expenditures are 12 percent finalized. The steel structure assembly is 60 percent complete, and the decking for the concrete floor is in progress.

The steel framing is in place in the administration area and the performing arts classroom in area A of the structure, and the framing is currently underway in area C, which is the southern classroom wing.

With so much progress taking place on the "bones" of the new high school, the GHSBC will soon review the mock up of three sample walls of color for the interior of the new building, getting ready to tackle the inside designs.

Sports enthusiasts will be excited to know that the baseball field retaining wall and precast dugouts have been put in place, ready for the first pitch this spring, but theater fans still have no word yet as to whether there will be the inclusion of the black box theater as part of this building project.

The completion date is still on target for the summer of 2015. For more information about the construction project, the public is welcome to attend GHSBC meetings, which generally take place on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at the Guilford High School Library, unless otherwise posted.


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