State Gives Bfd Stop-Gap Road Salt

Branford is among 42 municipalities, and the only on the shoreline, receiving a supply of road salt from the state this week as a stop-gap assist to battle the area's winter storms.

The town of Branford got a significant share of salt from the state this week, 101 tons.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced on Feb. 18 that the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) distributed nearly 5,000 tons of salt to 42 Connecticut cities and towns that morning. The deliveries replenished diminishing local supplies as Connecticut continues to battle a long, hard winter.

Branford was the only town in the shoreline area receiving state-supplied salt as a stop-gap measure, with the next closest location being North Haven.

On Fri. Feb. 14, Gov. Malloy announced the statewide salt relief package, prepared by ConnDOT, would arrive this week to address shortages and provide immediate assistance as stop-gap supplies. 

The following information is from a Governor's office press release issued Feb. 18:
“Our municipalities have turned to us for help and ConnDOT has done a great job of stepping up and getting salt to the cities and towns that were facing shortages,” said Gov. Malloy. “These non-stop storms have put a severe strain on local supplies and budgets, but we are committed to working together to get through this and keep every mile of roadway safe and passable.”
As of this morning, ConnDOT had distributed 4,851 tons of salt to cities and towns under a system set up late last week when municipal road salt stores began dwindling. Deliveries are continuing today and the will eventually total in excess of 5,000 tons.
“Despite the difficult winter, ConnDOT has never been short on salt. Our stockpiles have been lower than in the past but certainly not to a point where we have had to restrict our application rates,” said ConnDOT Commissioner James P. Redeker. “We are receiving another shipment of salt today and continue to be in a good position for the remainder of the winter season.”
ConnDOT currently has adequate supplies of road salt, with an additional 45,000 tons of salt to be delivered this weekend to the Port of New Haven by International Salt. International Salt is continuing to distribute road salt to private contractors in the state, but has made a business decision to control their supply to ensure that ConnDOT and municipalities have levels adequate enough to handle the season’s storm activity.



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