Who are these folks, how smart are they?

Recent polls show about one-third of voters do not believe in evolution and natural selection. Likely they also believe God created Earth. Does this include the solar system, our galaxy, the universe? Do they believe Earth is 4 billion years old and dinosaurs lived here for 150 million years? Are these the same folks who ignore the consensus of 97 percent of scientists that human activity is causing climate change? Do they support politicians who deny it and fall prey to fossil fuel lobbyists with millions whose businesses depend on combustion for energy? Are these the people who are willing to default on the debt for ideological reasons and do not realize the impact on the world economy; the people who oppose gun control and a woman's right to decide about her own body? Do these views describe Tea Party folks? How many have advanced graduate degrees in science or economics? How many finished college? How many are against higher taxes for the rich, though they are not, and are they destroying the GOP?

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