Landing a Dream Career, Close to Home

After a career in university libraries at Yale, UConn, and in New York, Robert Joven landed his dream job as university librarian for Quinnipiac University, running the Arnold Bernhard Library in Mount Carmel and the Edward and Barbara Netter Library at the Center for Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences in his hometown of North Haven.

North Haven's Robert Joven has reached the pinnacle of his profession, being named the university librarian at Quinnipiac University. Robert has served as interim university librarian since August 2013.

In his new position, Robert is responsible for managing and overseeing the operations of both the Arnold Bernhard Library on Quinnipiac's Mount Carmel Campus and the Edward and Barbara Netter Library at the Center for Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences on the North Haven Campus.

"I am looking forward to working with the talented staff of the Quinnipiac University library system, says Robert. "We have a dedicated and skilled staff who provides excellent service every day.

"I also look forward to forming collaborations and partnerships with other units within the university not only to advance the goals of the library but also the mission of the university," continues Robert.

"And finally, I look forward to providing leadership in our library system as the role and mission of academic libraries evolve in this ever changing environment."

In isn't easy to get Robert, a lifelong resident of North Haven, to talk about himself-but if you really want to get a conversation going with the normally shy head librarian, just ask him about his 12-year-old daughter Sarah.

Then he lights up and it's hard to get him to stop talking. Robert spends his non-work time "as much as I can, with my daughter and our extended family.

"We like taking trips to Los Angeles, day trips to New York City, shopping, watching movies ,or music videos. We are very close."

Fred Tarca, Quinnipiac's vice president and chief of information technology, believes Robert's 20 years of experience at various universities make him an ideal university librarian.

Additionally, Tarca found Robert excelled during his time as interim librarian at Quinnipiac.

"Robert demonstrated his effectiveness in the management skills required to assume the role of university librarian by engaging the senior university administration and the academic community, as well as putting together an operational strategy to manage the university library infrastructure," Tarca says.

Robert came to Quinnipiac in November 2012 as associate director for public services at the Health Sciences Library. It is the primary library for the schools of medicine, nursing, and health sciences on Quinnipiac's North Haven campus.

The main campus library, the Arnold Bernhard Library, serves Quinnipiac's undergraduate and graduate populations and provides support for the law school.

Approximately 48,000 square feet in size, the Bernhard Library features 600 seats-including many with spectacular views of Sleeping Giant Mountain and the nearby Quinnipiac campus in Hamden-13 group rooms, a 30-seat instructional facility, more than 60 public computer terminals, and nearly 600 power/data connections for laptop computers.

Robert came to Quinnipiac from the University of Connecticut Health Center, where he was in information services for 10 years. Before that, he worked at New York University and Yale University.

He holds a master's degree in library science from Long Island University.

Robert gave a visitor a quick tour of the Bernhard Library during a recent visit. He is in charge of an overall staff of 20 at both Quinnipiac libraries, and several part-time workers.

"On a typical day, we get 400 to 500 visitors to our libraries," says Robert, noting that the main campus library is also open around the clock to accommodate students and faculty. "This is a pretty busy place."

Robert spends a lot of time going over budgets, making sure the money allocated to the library for resources is spent prudently and productively. He also works closely with faculty "to make sure our partnerships are working for all."

Robert is a member of the American Library Association, Medical Library Association, the North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries, and the Connecticut Association of Health Sciences Librarians.

"I really enjoy the job," says Robert. "Quinnipiac is a special place. It is a growing university, and it also has a strong sense of community that I really like. I am excited to be a part of this university."


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