Unearthed Challenge: What do you see in the letter 'E'?

Create art with these rusty metal pieces in the Chester Historical Society's Unearthed Challenge.

The Chester Historical Society presents the 2014 Unearthed Challenge. As with the society's Bishop and Watrous Bone Art Challenge and the Bates Square Roots Challenge, the Unearthed Challenge is open to anyone with a creative mind.

Participants will be working with flat, rusted iron pieces found buried in one of the oldest houses in Chester. The pieces resemble the capital letter "E."

To participate, go to the Chester Gallery on Main Street in Chester to pick up the rusty pieces and pay the entrance fee of $30, which includes two tickets to the closing reception on March 22, when the finished works will be exhibited and sold by silent auction.

For more information, call Sosse Baker at (860) 526-9822.


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