Vitriolic letters prove writers are closed-minded

Although I'm used to seeing letters criticizing the president and the present administration, I'm seeing more and more lately with the vitriol and utter lack of respect for fellow human beings expressed in the letter, "Idiot voters, masochist Catholics back Obama," (Feb. 20).

In it the writer pulled no punches calling the voters a "stupid electorate" and "useful idiots vital to the Democratic base." Has this become the new normal; for conservatives to not only disparage the administration but also the Americans who voted for them? Whatever happened to the Christian values that used to be a part of the conservative platform?

Although I could present a fact-based defense against many of the writer's opinions, I'm sure the facts would never change anything in his closed mind. I actually feel sorry for him knowing that the majority of people he encounters every day might actually be "stupid idiots" in his mind.

After reading this kind of trash, I will be proud to be a part of the next "stupid electorate."

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