Pipe leaking facts found with a Google

The call for investigative reporters to show the Keystone XL poison pipeline as safer than rail transport lacks that spirit of American independence and do-it-yourself spirit we cherish - March 1 letter; "Help Wanted: Fearless investigative reporter."

Not many reports of pipeline leaks? A quick online search finds a Wikipedia page listing at least 25 petroleum leaks since 1962, many of them in Canada and quite a few tied to Trans Canada, XL's parent. A Wall Street Journal headline: "Monitors often miss oil pipeline leaks." Another story numbers 292 oil pipeline leaks in North Dakota alone in 2012-13, spilling over 1,200 barrels of toxic crude. In 2013, an Exxon pipeline carrying Canadian crude spilled 12,000 barrels into an Arkansas neighborhood and adjacent river (CNN). In 2012, 1,200 barrels leaked in a Wisconsin field (Milwaukee Journal).

So, you see, oil-line ruptures are simultaneously well reported (though often only in local media) and seriously under reported. As has been well covered, Keystone is likely to be unsafe (pipes will leak, especially with the highly corrosive bitumen slurry), unnecessary (oil will flow into the world market, but it doesn't have to be here), and unwanted by anyone concerned with the land and the people who will suffer from this strange brew.

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