Live Lunch Break Flashback - Straight to VHS

No listening party is complete without cupcakes, and Straight to VHS' recent gathering at the Telegraph record store in New London was no exception.

You feel sad and - yes, admit it - a little guilty because maybe you didn't see and hear "Live Lunch Break" as it happened Thursday in New London's Telegraph record store. We featured Straight to VHS, the joyfully boisterous garage rock trio from New London.

But it's not too late! We archive all of our "Live Lunch Break" episodes on Here are fun things to know about and look for in the Straight to VHS performance and interview.

• Straight to VHS previewed several new songs from their soon-to-be-released "Weekend Weekend Weekend" CD - then followed the "Lunch Break" appearance with an in-store listening party, as the album played over the store's sound system.

• As befitting their reputation as truly fun people with truly fun fans, family and girlfriends, "lunch" sustenance consisted of Mimosas, Bloody Marys and cupcakes emblazoned with the name of the band and album title.

• Listen carefully for a most unlikely adjective used by drummer/guitarist Jay Silva to describe the group's music - or at least some of it.

- Rick Koster


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