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That's the expanded mission of The Day's Sunday magazines - including Grace. We've adopted a cleaner print design to let quality of our storytelling and photography shine, and our new logo restates and refines our mission: to share great stories about local life and local personalities. In each quarterly issue, (March, June, October, December) you'll find compelling local people, creative ideas and beautiful photography.

Deep appreciation goes out to Jeanne and Steve Sigel at the Garde Arts Center in downtown New London for letting us use their beautiful stage and lighting for this month's cover shot of proud New Londoner, Erica Mohr.

Warm weather will seem momentous compared with the long, icy winter we've left behind. As we ready for the renewal of spring, this issue of Grace is devoted to health and wellness — of ourselves, our relationships and our planet.

We'd like to call your attention to an inspiring story that came to us, regretfully, too late to be included in these pages. June 7 will mark the 15th year that master gardener Susan Vincent of Mystic will offer hundreds of perennials and small shrubs, grown from her carefully-tended gardens, to raise money for the Lara Vincent Memorial Prize for Original Research for students enrolled in the marine program at Boston University.

Marine Corps aviator Lt. Lara D. Vincent, the beloved daughter of Susan and her husband Lee, was killed in an aviation training accident in 1998.

"She was the light of our lives," Susan writes, "and as impossible as it seemed, that light had been abruptly extinguished. ... where can I go to find healing after such a life altering tragedy? I went into my garden."

The sale will be held at 1 New London Road. We'll have more details at as the event draws near. In the meantime, you can call 860.303.3625 to support the award and honor the memory of this beautiful young woman.


We are continuing our successful practice (begun last year) of profiling the male unsung heroes of our community. Click on the "Suggest a Story" tab on our homepage to nominate someone whose contributions should be recognized. Our regular print features include Woman of Grace and Man of the Hour, which recognize inspiring personalities in our community; Read On, which profiles local authors and the latest reads; Portrait of the Artist, a feature on creativity and innovation; Far & Wide, which talks about trends, travel, culture and life in other places; Body and Soul - health and wellness stories; and I Remember, a new reader-generated essay on a specific theme.


Faye Parenteau is the editor of The Day's Custom Publications, including Grace. You can reach her at or 860.701.4375

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