Wood-burning citizens just trying to survive the cold, not cause health issues

Concerning, "Wood smoke unregulated as state waits for EPA to act," (March 7). When people suffer with mental illness, chemical imbalances, and other health issues, they may be bothered by wood smoke. They should seek a good doctor instead of attempting to control their neighbor's house and how they choose to heat it.

With the rising cost of oil people are heating with wood, the old-fashioned way. That may be all they can afford to stay warm. We burn wood, raising our family to know how to survive during hard times. Our children know how to cut and split wood and to hunt.

The government wants us to rely on it, always passing more regulations.

I suggest these concerned people move to an environment where wood burning is not allowed, such as elderly housing or condos.

Wood-burning citizens have our rights and should be heard and considered.

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