NRA bully actions block qualified doctor

I read in The Day on March 15 that the NRA is again using its clout to delay the quick confirmation of President Obama's nominee for Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy - "White House backing off surgeon general" - despite his impressive credentials for the job. Is this the way the members of the association want to be represented? The NRA wants to excuse itself from events like Newtown. But take a close look at Adam Lanza's terrified visage and the twisted message his helpless mother bought into. If you feel helpless and afraid, learn to shoot a gun, the more lethal, the better. You will have the enthusiastic support and admiration of one of the most powerful organizations in our country. You can succeed in something and become part of something impressive.

This did not help the rageful, lonely boy. He found a way to obliterate what he wanted and could not have; the love and connection he saw personified in his victims. He also got rid of the self he could not stand.

The NRA is powerful, with many right-minded members. It might find a way to be more effective and less hostile itself.

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