Investment return proves change needed

The state treasurer of Connecticut is responsible for the receipt, deposit, investment and disbursement of government monies. The investment portion of a treasurer's job is key; state workers rely on the treasurer to invest pension funds wisely. This matters to all taxpayers, as they will have to make up any shortfalls.

Sadly, for workers and taxpayers, Connecticut has one of the most underfunded pension funds in the country and one of the worst performing. For example, in 2012, when the Dow Jones industrial average gained 7.3 percent and the S&P gained 13 percent, the state pension and trust funds lost 1 percent.

Connecticut, we have a big problem.

We need a state treasurer who is an investment professional, not a career politician. We have just such an individual in Bob Eick. Bob is a first-generation American, a lifelong Connecticut native, and an experienced investment professional. He helped create a successful investment firm that now employs more than 200 people in Connecticut and has offices worldwide. Bob will bring his dedication to Connecticut and his professional expertise to the office of treasurer. We must have a treasurer who understands how to make money, not lose it. Join me in supporting Bob.

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