Rick's List: Jingleheimer Schmidt edition

Rick Koster offers weekly lists of ideas, notions and things that must be seen to be believed.

Is the repertoire of little-kid songs always the same? This occurred to me the other day when, out of nowhere, my wife, who is several years younger than me, jokingly broke into "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt." I always hated that song because it poses many frankly odd questions. Here are the words in case you've forgotten:

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt / His name is my name, too / Whenever we go out / The people always shout /John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt! / Fa la la la la la la

1. Is "Jingleheimer" his middle name, and what sort of parents would do that to an innocent child?

2. What do you mean "his name is my name, too"? No it's not. I'm Rick. If you're singing the song, unless your name IS Jingleheimer Schmidt, it's not your name, either.

3. Not once in my life have I walked "out" of any place and had people start screaming, "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt." Not once.

4. If an American kid sings "fa la la la la la la," he will be attacked by peers. Maybe they do it in the Alps or something but ...


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