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Outrage over pensions paid to Conn. judges

Richard Mancini Ledyard

Publication: The Day

Published 04/04/2014 12:00 AM
Updated 04/03/2014 05:12 PM

I hope everyone who read David Collins' March 30 column, "Judges: Work four years for 100k-a-year pension," is as outraged as I am about a system that is so obviously broken.

Our legislators are constantly looking for ways to get more money from their constituents and they have no qualms about taking it from the poor, the middle-class, the working people and the business owners. They get it from ever increasing taxes and consistently reduced benefits and programs. We all pay for their incompetence.

A quick example: As a small business owner, I was required to pay collected sales taxes to the Department of Revenue Services on a quarterly basis. As my business grew, the sales taxes collected grew, which prompted the state to require me to fill their coffers on a monthly, rather than quarterly, basis. Same amount of money to the state, but now three times the work on my part.

When I read how that tax money is being doled out to lawyers-turned-judges, who work minimum terms, I was outraged. A lifetime pension for a minimal stint on the bench isn't just a pension lottery, it's pension fraud and we are paying for it. How can any of them, in good conscience, let this continue when Connecticut is in such dire financial straits?

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