Obama right trying to avoid more war

While the writer of the letter, "Impeach the president for his foreign policy," (March 27), doesn't seem receptive to new ideas, others may be. So, here goes.

We fought World Wars I and II; long wars, expensive in treasure and human lives - also in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq; the American people are tired of war. Our spending on defense every year is greater than the defense spending of the next 15 or so countries combined. They spend their money on state-of-the art trains, highways, health care and education. Wouldn't it be nice to zip down to New York, Washington, and beyond, quickly, comfortably, and cheaply? Wouldn't it be nice to replace aging water, sewer, and gas lines, bridges, and highways, before they fail catastrophically? How about quality free education beyond high school so that we will have workers prepared for the new jobs coming?

President Obama, and yes, President Carter, see that war is not the answer. Obama is using diplomacy, sanctions, and economic self-interest, and asking allies to do the same, to persuade Putin that he will fail if he goes to war and it will be a disaster for Russia.

By the way, Syria gave up its chemical weapons.

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