Quoted vendor study doesn't fit Montville

In his March 24 letter, "Please support Montville vendors ordinance," Montville Town Councilor Timothy May quoted a section of the Institute for Justice study, "Proximity Restrictions and Restricted Zones." Isn't it wonderful that Councilor May can find a source to back up his ridiculous reason for supporting the changes to the Montville Vendor Ordinance?

However, if you read the study, it only addresses major cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, and New York. Gosh, does Councilor May think Montville is in the same league as those places?

No, it is not. This vendor ordinance will allow unrestricted street vendors within 500 feet of a brick and mortar business, regardless of what they are selling.

To make it very clear, that means anything sold from a cart by a vendor, not just food, but clothes, flowers, rugs, furniture, etc. In the future, Councilor May should be more careful of what evidence he uses to substantiate his argument. Taking something out of context is as bad as the cronyism he displays on the council.

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