Let representatives know where you stand

People on local boards and committees do the real work of keeping our local governments functioning, often for little or no financial reward. They must maneuver through a vast minefield of state and federal regulations and try to satisfy the majority of the citizens.

We can voice our opinions and offer constructive criticism to help them satisfy our needs. We can also understand that the state and federal regulations, including what we like to call unfunded mandates, come from each and every one of us through the elected representatives we send to Hartford and Washington.

If we are having trouble balancing our budgets due to state and federal requirements, we can let our elected representatives at all levels understand our concerns and offer suggestions for positive change. Stand up, speak out and let the people that work hard on our behalf know what we think is working well and also what we think would make things better.

Our neighbors that we send to Hartford and Washington can do a better job if we let them know what we think. We affect the general direction we take by who we vote for but we can make course corrections between elections by expressing or views. The silent majority goes unheard.

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