Don't turn a blind eye to domestic violence

Two years ago my brother-in-law and his girlfriend were brutally murdered. It is frightening to see how violence seems to be increasing every day. Bullying, threatening, harassment, assault, domestic violence is everywhere, not just in our streets, but in the homes, at our schools and even in the workplace. When will it end, what can we do to help? I hear the phrases "Why bother, no one does anything about it." "Even if I speak up, it's not going to change anything."

Well, I think if more of us speak up and report any type of violence or threats of violence that we can change things. Even if we stop one child from abuse or bullying, or stop one incident of domestic abuse or any other situation that may end up with a tragic ending, you can then at least say you tried. If you sit back and let it continue and it ends in a violent outcome, you will be saying "I should have reported it, I should have spoke up. "

Please help me with my hope for a more peaceful world.

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