Vandalism Hits Ridge Road School

Police are searching for the driver of a vehicle who damaged athletic fields adjacent to the track and football field behind North Haven Middle School.

A field used for soccer and other sports at Ridge Road School in North Haven was recently vandalized. The police are currently investigating and seeking tips from the public.

The North Haven Police Department has put a message on its Facebook page stating, "We are investigating an act of vandalism at Ridge Road School. A vehicle was driven over the soccer field, causing extensive damage. As a result, several children's games have been canceled. We are seeking information from the public; any info can be anonymous,
203-239-1618. Officer Alan Cantele is investigating."

Officer Cantele said, "Unfortunately at this time we do not have any updates but are pursuing leads."

Angry parents have posted about this act of vandalism on town Facebook pages.

First Selectman Michael Freda said the damage is more than monetary.

"Space for fields right now are becoming compromised and limited, with more kids playing sports," he said. "The kids suffer because of this."

The vandalism has at left many youth soccer players and their parents disappointed, after their matches had to be postponed. It has yet to be determined when the soccer teams would be able to play on the field.

The Ridge Road Field was closed at the beginning of the month due to wet conditions, and the vandalism forced the field to stay closed for another week. The school was closed for spring break last week and officials could not be reached for further comments.

The Public Works Department started making field repairs almost immediately following the incident, according to Director of Public Works Lynn Sadosky. Sadosky also said chains and posts were added to one of the field's entrances after two wooden posts were pulled from the ground to allow a vehicle to access the field.

The timing of the act of vandalism was particularly bad, and not just due to the wet conditions.

"Public Works has been feverishly working and essentially been 'all hands on deck' addressing our 200 acres of parks and playing fields to assist them with their fields for commencement of their programs," Sadosky said.

Repairs to the field included rolling dirt back into the holes, adding fresh dirt and replanting grass.

Last year the Police Department received 24 separate complaints of vandalism throughout the town and during the spring and summer months, with the warmer weather, vandals have more frequently targeted North Haven property. Vandalism has been especially high in the summer when teens are out of school.


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