It's a fact: Men and women are different

Regarding Margaret Carlson's April 13 column, "Women, get loud! Keep pushing for equal pay," any woman in Connecticut would be ecstatic to learn her employer was paying a man more for driving the same truck that she drove. After litigation she would be carrying home a suitcase full of cash. Equal pay for the same job is the law.

Women as a statistical group will never earn as much as men for the same reason that they will never occupy American prison cells in the same proportion as men (93 percent vs. 7 percent).

Men and women are different. Men often work in riskier jobs that pay more. Ninety-two percent of workplace deaths are men. Women often limit employment for family reasons.

Executive women pay the same price to achieve elite corporate status as men, a limited involvement in home life. A surrogate mommy is engaged if there are children.

Other equally talented women choose to order their lives so they can be home with their children. They're not "sacrificing their careers," as feminists often say. They enjoy the personal fulfillment of their life choice as corporate women. And anyway, why is it that feminists measure a woman's success in life by how much she acts like a man?

Only agenda feminists and grasping politicians fail to acknowledge these simple facts of life.

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