Tell Me Something: Steve Elci dreams of moonjellies

Singer/songwriter Steve Elci and his wife, Cheryl Nelson Elci, are shown at the Whalie Awards in New London last year.

Award-winning children’s music maestro Steve Elci’s latest accolade is a Boston/New England Emmy nomination for “Kidsploration,” a web series co-produced by Dave Gellar and available right here on Elci, who lives in Waterford, also has a packed summer calendar of live shows around the region. For more information visit

Say you have a modern-day high school locker. Whose picture would be hanging in it?


What's your favorite sandwich?

Egg and cheese on a plain bagel, toasted.

You're locked in a museum for a night, which one would it be?

The Grammy Museum, Los Angeles.

What’s your favorite word in a language other than English?


What’s a song you like, but can’t convince others to like?

"Tomorrow" by Morrissey.

Who played at your first live concert?


Sorry to have to tell you this, but an asteroid is going to wipe all humanity next week. So, what’s your last meal and who is coming to dinner?

My family is coming for dinner and we are having my mom’s eggplant!

What’s your favorite animated musical film?

“Yellow Submarine”

Which Rolling Stones song would you have no problem playing for an audience of kids?

“Time Is On My Side”

Name an item you can’t live without:

My iPhone.

Item you should live without and keep meaning to get rid of:

My old T-shirts.

You’re a DJ at club. What’s the night’s last song?

"Don't Come Around Here No More" by Tom Petty.

What’s the last TV show you binge-watched?

“Game of Thrones” - love it!

Assuming it could be made into a movie, which children’s book would you like to score?

"Night of the Moonjellies," written and illustrated by Mark Shasha.

(Note: The book is based on the childhood summertime memories of Shasha, who grew up in New London. You can read more about the book's origins and find out what the heck moonjellies are, here.)

If your present day you could give advice to younger you, what would it be?

"You might want to try writing kids' songs, and maybe move to L.A."

Last book you couldn’t put down:

“Inferno” by Dan Brown.

What’s a word you can never spell correctly on the first try:


Coffee or tea?


Saturday night or Sunday morning?

Saturday night.

Raffi or Barry Louis Polisar?

Barry Louis Polisar - such a talented artist.

Anagrams or palindromes?


What is your pet peeve?

Hair in my food - that's a no-no!

What historical event in you like to have witnessed?

The writing of the United States Constitution.

What is your favorite place in Connecticut to recharge and/or find serenity?

At home with my family.

Whom alive today do you most admire?

Sting; he is such an amazing talent.


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