Building a Better Kiosk

Members of a Guilford High School technology class led by teacher David Hackett (at left) take a bow after building a kiosk at Chittenden Park to mark the beginning of the southeastern gateway of the New England Trail. The kiosk was built and installed just in time for the gateway's Sunday, June 8 celebration and dedication ceremony in Guilford.

When residents, nature lovers, and hikers from all around turn out to celebrate the opening and dedication of the New England Trail southern gateway in Guilford on Sunday, June 8, they'll gather by a beautiful new kiosk built and installed just last week by Guilford High School (GHS) students.

GHS Integrated Technology Department Chair David Hackett and his students designed and built the kiosk at Chittenden Park as part of a project that took several months' work and required assistance from town groups, the state Forest & Park Service, and the National Park Service.

"The kiosk was a project we agreed to build as a community effort," said Hackett. "The National Park Service provided the plans and materials. The Recreation Department provided transportation to the site, determined the location, and provided lunch for our students on install day."

The group also worked with the state's Forest & Park Service and local trail organizations. The GHS team created the kiosk over a two-month period and installed it on May 12. The lumber for the project was created from trees that fell in Guilford during Hurricane Sandy, said Hackett.

The wooden kiosk now marks the beginning of the southeastern gateway of the New England Trail, which runs from Chittenden Park in Guilford to Royalston Falls in New Hampshire. On June 8, as part of the Guilford 375th celebration, a
trail dedication ceremony is set to take place from 4 to 7:30 p.m. at Chittenden Park.

Hackett said creating the kiosk not only allowed his students to contribute to their community during one of the most significant years in Guilford's history, but also allowed for new learning opportunities.

"The students had fun with the project," he said. "They formed their own company and a union. It was a good project for my students to learn the basics of construction, similar to the kiosk at Jacobs Beach."


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