Palestinians only want the destruction of Israel

The rockets are still flying from Gaza into Israeli territory for a decade now with the blessings of Hamas whom the Gazans chose to lead them.

Terrorist attacks and bombings of civilians in Israel have not stopped. Concessions by Israel over the past 60 plus years have been too often rewarded by an emboldening of their adversaries and increased violence as a result.

The sad truth of the matter, which neither politicians, pundits, or newspeople seem to able to grasp, or willing to admit if they did, is that the only solution acceptable to the majority of the Palestinians and their spiritual kindred is for Israel to cease to exist.

Liberty and the value of human life are concepts very much at odds with the autocratic kinds of societies one finds more often than not to be present where Islam is the predominant religion. Of course, such views are not "politically correct."

What surprises me most of all is how David Ignatius, "Mideast peace process a discouraging mess," (May 19) or, more importantly, John Kerry, ever thought there was a chance that peace talks under such conditions could ever have succeeded.

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