Fault for failed talks lies with Palestinians alone

In his May 19 op-ed, "Mideast peace process a discouraging mess," David Ignatius misdiagnoses the cause. PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas actually walked away from negotiations when Israel presented a map in 2008 that would have given the Palestinians the equivalent of all the disputed territory.

The real cause of the mess remains the unwillingness of the Palestinian Arab leadership to accept the existence of Israel's tiny democracy in the Middle East. Abbas has boasted about his determination to never make any concessions on any of the core issues and acknowledged a settlement could have been reached long ago had he been willing to exhibit some flexibility.

Abbas had stopped his latest pretend negotiations with Israel way back in November, long before Israel announced preliminary plans for the construction of a measly 700 homes in areas destined to remain with Israel in any conceivable agreement.

Ignatius is correct that some reality therapy might be in order, but it's the Palestinian Arabs who need that therapy. We need to stop enabling their rejectionism and make it clear continued intransigence will result in them getting less, not more.

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