Anti-environmental Waterford tree cutting

Waterford will soon be hearing the noise from chain saws and wood chippers as the 14 pine trees in front of Waterford High School are cut down. I cannot understand environmentally and ecologically, how the superintendent of schools, the Zoning Board and the Board of Education approved this project. These trees are low maintenance, absorb sound from traffic, help purify the air and obviously are the legacy of a previous school committee.

As a taxpayer, I am proud of Waterford High School, but spending thousands of dollars to remove these trees to make the school more visible is, in my opinion, ludicrous.

After the tree and stumps removal, new bushes will be planted, at more expense and obviously more maintenance. Some schools in the area are having difficulty providing textbooks and sports for their students. Here in Waterford, we should be setting educationally, and by example, eco-friendly choices for our environment.

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