First step, bring rail to Mohegan Sun

This is in response to the editorial "Rail project worthy of federal funding," (May 7). There has been legislative meetings, concerns voiced at public meetings, editorials and private party responses to the aforementioned rail upgrade, to no avail.

I propose we look at this upgrade in incremental pieces.

Immediately upgrade the tracks from New London to Mohegan Sun. The state needs to protect its revenue source at both Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods and one way is to increase the quantity of transportation choices. Rail improvement with passenger trains will do so.

Shoreline East idles in New London, have it instead terminate at Mohegan Sun, thus increasing its destination by one stop without appreciably increasing its operating cost. This will act as a catalyst to draw funding to improve rail service all the way to Vermont and protect the states $200 million revenue sources. We need a commitment now.

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