Koster's Zebra article insulting and inaccurate

As a former radio personality, I take offense to the article in the May 29 Night & Day, "A Zebra behind the door!", written by Rick Koster regarding the group known as Zebra.

First, I am not a "clod."

"One-hit wonder" is not a term used by clods, as Rick so ignorantly grouped me in. One-hit wonder is simply a term to define a group's history or lack of one. It was never used by this former air personality as a criticism, as one-hit wonders have in the past helped to define an era of music.

The group Zebra would not be one such group. Zebra did not have a "big hit," as Rick defined their song, "Who's Behind the Door." That song reached number 61 on the Billboard charts in the summer of 1983 and stayed on the charts 8 weeks. I would hardly call that a "big hit." A big hit is a song that traditionally breaks the top 10 and stays on the charts for a longer period of time.

There are some exceptions, but as someone who worked on the air in this market back in 1983, Zebra's "Who's Behind the Door" was not one of them. Rick should not confuse his opinion with the facts.

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