Voters lucky having a voice like Urban's

I had the opportunity to work closely with Rep. Diana Urban this past legislative session. I was one of three mothers who approached Urban in September of 2013, asking her to champion an update to Connecticut's concussion law, which was woefully outdated. As chair of the Committee on Children, she took on this challenge. Her tenacity and perseverance got the bill through the House with a unanimous vote. She maneuvered her way through several politically charged situations, and came out a winner each time. I have never seen a legislator so committed to doing the right thing for the state's children, and with such skill.

And she feels her work is not over: she is determined to see more children protected at the youth/recreational level. (The recently updated concussion law only covers Interscholastic and intramural athletics and requires that parents and athletes receive concussion education, and that parents sign an informed consent).

I believe Rep. Urban is worth every vote that is cast for her, and more. You, as her constituents, are very fortunate to have such a talented and determined representative. I wish I could vote for her myself, but I don't live in your district.

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