Most VA caregivers do a great job for veterans

I would like to commend Martin Crane for his insightful commentary, "VA has it problems, but don't overlook the good," (June 8), and well-written support of the VA health care system. Like him, I have been receiving care from The VA since a few years after my return from Vietnam. The quality of care for both physical and psychological issues is provided with a high level of competency, both here in New London and at West Haven.

A previous letter writer, who shamefully used the news stories to promote his politics, closed the missive with a (disingenuous) swipe at the Affordable Care Act, which has nothing to do with the VA. Apparently, the world would be a wonderful place if only profit-driven entities managed of our lives.

Like many civil servants, poor behavior by a few is an automatic indictment of everyone. This is not only a disservice to each individual, but an unfair blow to morale. People often thank me for my service. Today, I would like to recognize all of you at the VA for being there when we need you, each and every time.

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