Powell barely cloaked his racial intolerance

Chris Powell's loathing of humankind is standard curmudgeonliness, and his thrashing of Democrats and Republicans alike typical Libertarianism. In "Ballpark won't fix social disintegration," (June 5), however, Powell crosses an ugly line.

There are certainly a great many "fatherless, neglected, and troublesome children" in Connecticut's cities. Powell does not directly say that the majority of those children are black, of course, but anyone who has spent a minute in any of those cities is not fooled by his fudging.

To insist, however, that a "coddling and subsidizing social policy" has enabled men of any race to "fill up" our cities with public monies-draining masses of untended women and children is ignorant. Moreover, the implication that only black men abandon their responsibilities is racist.

Finally, to suggest that poor people engage in self-destructive, socially-disastrous behaviors for the pathetically few bucks provided by that "coddling" policy is stupid. But not as stupid as it would be for poor people to actually do so. Or to believe that one of the saddest and self-perpetuating effects of poverty is simply a consequence of men who can't keep their pants on and the women who use them to make some easy money.

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