N.Ston. school plan will force seniors out

I am concerned that North Stonington may be borrowing too aggressively in regard to the proposed school project. The project is being proposed as we will only pay $22 million to $25 million, with the state kicking in the rest. I have seen nothing in writing that the state has guaranteed this.

I also cannot find where it is mandatory to provide pre-k in our school, yet there are three classrooms designated as such. I do not see any shop or home economics classrooms. The school seems to be designed for students to go on to college. What about the students who do not want to go to college? How about the statistics of students who finish college?

The school is only part of our great town. My parents were drawn here because of the serenity and peacefulness. I plan on staying until the day I die, yet some supporters say they will move if this proposal is turned down. Do they really love the town, or just the school?

A fixed income is just that and there are many of us in that category. The increases in the mill rate could make a difference in allowing us to stay here. Voters should consider that a town consists of seniors, too.

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