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Guilford High School Class of 2014

Published 06/25/2014 12:00 AM
Updated 06/25/2014 09:22 AM

The Guilford High School Counseling Department announces the following information regarding the Class of 2014, which recently graduated on June 19. Of the 274 graduates, 90 percent will pursue some form of post-secondary education. There will be 232 seniors attending four-year colleges or universities and 11 seniors pursuing their studies at two-year institutions. Three seniors will attend technical programs, two will join the armed forces, and 26 will be either traveling, are undecided or taking a gap year, or will be joining the work force directly after graduation.

Afeltra, Michael Nicholas University of Connecticut

Altieri, Presley Annalisa Eastern Connecticut State University

Amble, Sara Michele Pennsylvania State University, University Park

Anthony, Christopher Jeffrey Temple University

Apuzzo, Zachary Stewart Southern Connecticut State University

Astorino, Steven James Lee University

Babbin, Anna Sylvia American University

Bailey, Marisa Leigh Palm Beach State College-South Campus

Balaska, Carl John Chapel Haven

Barbarossa, Erica Grace University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Barkyoumb, Charles Francis Western New England University

Barrett, John Paul University of Connecticut

Barry, Liam Teague Concordia University-Montreal

Basilicato, Nicole Paige Eastern Connecticut State University

Batick, Derek Christopher Wentworth Institute of Technology

Becker, Alexandra Britney Merrimack College

Benham, Sarah Alivia Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing

Bianchi, Kyle Lewis Northeastern University

Bickley, Max Rollins Southern Connecticut State University

Blank, Madeline Rose University of Kentucky

Bondos, Nicole Marie University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Bonfiglio, Nicholas Andrew Gateway Community College

Borden, Robert George Berklee College of Music

Bosenberg, Zoe Kristin Boston College

Boughton, Jessica Chelsea Gateway Community College

Brady, Collin Matthew University of Connecticut at Avery Point

Brown, Kaitlyn Barbara Merrimack College

Bryant, Kyera Marie Eastern Nazarene College

Burke, Megan Alyssa University of Connecticut

Carmona, Juandiego University of New Hampshire

Carmona, Natalie Alejandra Iona College

Carregal, Klaire Marie Sacred Heart University

Casley, Susan Antoinette Roger Williams University

Castillo, Lydia Taylor Bryant University

Chamberlain, Julia Renee Savannah College of Art and Design

Chasse, Nicholas Aaron Molloy College

Ciardiello, Kristen Rose University of Connecticut

Ciocca, Pietro PJ Sacred Heart University

Clark, Zachary Pierce Saint Michael's College

Cofrances, William Andrew Johnson & Wales University (Providence)

Congdon, Kayleigh Shannon James Madison University

Connell, Ian Scott Keene State College

Cowee, Aaron Christopher Arizona State University

Craig, Kylie Felicia Marist College

Crespo, Alyssa Angel College of Charleston

DaCorte, Brian Michael University of Connecticut

Despres, Claudia Jeanne St. John's University-Queens Campus

DiNicola, Tiffani Amber Quinnipiac University

Dioguardi, Derek Charles Drew University

Dombroski, Lucas Thomas University of Connecticut

Donohue, Brian Mulroy University of Connecticut at Avery Point

Duran Crelin, Makaela Shayne Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts

Eige, Rebecca Faith University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Elmeleki, Noah Gateway Community College

Fiala, Keegan Murray Central Connecticut State University

Fisher, Daniel Walden Williams College

Fishkind, David Benjamin Drexel University

Forscher, Kristen Burton University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Freedman, Daniel Aaron Brandeis University

Fucci, Sienna Gabrielle Methodist University

Gagliardi, Sarah Elizabeth Curry College

Galante, Emily Christine Roger Williams University

Gallimore, Shane Hampton Stony Brook University

Gardziel, Jesse Hunter Moving to Colorado

Geiger, Melissa Jeanne University of Rhode Island

Gelinas, Benjamin Roy Pennsylvania State University, University Park

Gendreau, Nicholas Paul Nichols College

Germaine, Haley Isabel Drexel University

Giovanniello, Leah Rose University of Vermont

Glinski, Daniel Spencer University of Connecticut

Godsey, William George Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Goeler, Seth Lucas Arizona State University

Gorman, Chloe Alis Southern Connecticut State University

Greco, Michael Anthony College of the Holy Cross

Grinold, Samantha Ann University of Rhode Island

Guibbory, Lynn Catherine University of Connecticut

Hackett, Bridget Mary Clemson University

Hall, Clare Isabel American University

Hasenfeld, Evan Robert Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Heleno, Karolina Franklin and Marshall College

Heller, Alexandra Nichole University of New Hampshire

Hodson, Lia Morgan LIM College

Holcomb, Jessa Ann Southern Connecticut State University

Horton, Kenneth Christopher Bentley University

Hudak, Taylor Nicole University of Connecticut

Huhnke, Corrine Nella Pratt Institute

Hurteau, Angelica Marie Gateway Community College

Hyzak, Jack Daniels University of Delaware

Ibarra, Karoline Kate Quinnipiac University

Iranpour, Michael Cyrus Connecticut College

Ireland, Grace Annabelle Pennsylvania State University, University Park

Ivy, John Michael Gap Year then Bryant University

Jacobs, Marnie Winter Marist College

Jankura, Kathryn Rose Eastern Connecticut State University

Jonathan, Anne Stone New York University

Kaechele, Mackenzie Lynn Adventuring

Kaisen, Trent Robicheau Siena College

Kenefick, Timothy Charles University of New Hampshire

Kenefick, Tylor Tobin Keene State College

Kicak, Thomas Robert Columbia University

Killiam, Charlotte Cooley Yale University

King, Morgan Paige University of Rhode Island

Klett, Zoe Elizabeth Salve Regina University

Knapp, Bryan Joseph St. John's University-Queens Campus

Knapp, David Matthew University of New Hampshire

Kneerim, Niall A Allegheny College

Lahner, Olivia Jayne Central Connecticut State University

Lanouette, Donald James Army

Larkins, Cory James Quinnipiac University

Laurie, David Mark Johnson & Wales University (Providence)

Lauzier, Benjamin Robert Wentworth Institute of Technology

Lawrence, Dane Allen Salve Regina University

LeBlanc, Tessa Leigh Gateway Community College

Leese, Caitlin Rose Keene State College

Lemieux, Luke Gerard Fairfield University

Ligham, Zachary John Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Limoncelli, Madeline Endicott College

Linell, William Ford University of Maine

Lorenze, Whitney Ann University of Richmond

Loukakes, Victoria Elaine University of Connecticut

Loukides, Alexandra Joy Reed College

Lovington, Aimee Lee College of Charleston

Macy, Katharine Doheny University of Connecticut

Maiorino, Stephanie Teresa Quinnipiac University

Malamud, Joshua Lev Coastal Carolina University

Malvey, Victoria Sage University of Rhode Island

Marinis, Christopher Michael Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Martins, Hunter Matthew Hofstra University

Mayeski, Thomas Michael Undecided

McAvoy, Christopher Marques Gap Year

McGowan, Amanda Mary Bentley University

McKeefrey, Brian Cody Gateway Community College

McLaughlin, Shauna L University of California at Los Angeles

McMahon, Julia Linnea University of Connecticut

McNamara, Katelyn Frary Northeastern University

McNaughton, William Bruce Three Rivers Community College

McNerney, Lauren Elizabeth Providence College

Minatti, Samantha Casey University of Delaware

Mininberg, Matthew Robinson Muhlenberg College

Monaco, Stephanie Ann University of Connecticut

Monaghan, Kelsey Grace Southern Connecticut State University

Montesano, Michael Joseph New England Institute of Technology

Moore, Benjamin Thomas Central Connecticut State University

Morduch-Toubman, Maya Donia Bowdoin College

Morey, Liam John McLean Airforce

Morgan, Jake Edward Quinnipiac University

Moscarelli, Jenna Rose Boston College

Moscovitz, Sofia Zoe Oberlin College

Moskow, Benjamin Eric Binghamton University

Munck, Aimee Lorraine Mitchell College

Naccarato, Miranda Dawn Undecided

Nanamaker, Emma Nicole Fordham University

Napoli, Caroline Kia Saint Joseph's University

Nault, Joseph Ronald Tufts University

Nerney, Luke Mario Saint Anselm College

Nolan, Kathryn Larson Northland College

O'Buck, Charlotte Hannah St. Francis College

O'Connell, Heather Rose University of Maryland, College Park

O'Connor, Megan Bridgett Stonehill College

Ostafin, Brandon Stephen Employment

Owens, Lee Ethric Post Grad at GHS

Ozer, Conner Hamdi New York University

Page, Hayley Elizabeth University of Connecticut

Panicali, Andrew William Providence College

Paradis, Bryan Robert Flagler College

Park, Tristan Anthony Undecided

Patel, Kajal Quinnipiac University

Patton, Devin Jane University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Pensa, Elena Cara Plymouth State University

Pfau, Thomas James Providence College

Pierson, Russell Jacob Roger Williams University

Pinchbeck, Clara Garmisa Kenyon College

Piraino, Benjamin Darius Rhode Island College

Portocarrero, Alexandra Brooke Providence College

Purnell, Sarah Kate University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Rams, Alissa Rose Wheaton College Massachusetts

Reeve, Bronwyn Mary University of Connecticut

Renz, Lauren Wittels Syracuse University

Reynolds, Jessica Alice Southern Connecticut State University

Risse, Hayley Elizabeth Loyola University New Orleans

Roberts, Thomas Kenneth Rochester Institute of Technology

Robinson, Ian David University of Connecticut

Roding, Rachel Susanne University of Hartford

Rogers, Abigail Carson Southern Connecticut State University

Rook, Kayla Maureen East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

Rothberg, Jordana Ariella Lynn University

Rubbo, Elizabeth Marie Sacred Heart University

Rubino, Nikolaus Joseph Sacred Heart University

Russo, Renee Lannon University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Sanacora, Rachel Lynn University of Connecticut

Sattler, Austin Charles Salve Regina University

Scarfo, Colin Tierney Norwich University

Schaefer, Emily Rose University of Rhode Island

Schioppo, Jerome Joseph Quinnipiac University

Schultes, Olivia Lang Tufts University

Secki, Michelle Paullette Savannah College of Art and Design

Séjourné, Gabrielle Marie Harvard University

Shields, Morgan Rose University of Rhode Island

Shoemaker, Riley Garrett Mitchell College

Siciliano, Salvatore Quinnipiac University

Small, Wiley Crawford University of South Carolina

Smith, Charlotte Mary Central Connecticut State University

Smith, Emmaline Lee Northeastern University

Smith, Jacob Andrew Lincoln Technical Institute

Smith, Samuel William Pennsylvania State University, University Park

Soffer, Zachary Ethan Western New England University

Sperry, Carson Matthew University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Staschke, Maurice Wakeman Wentworth Institute of Technology

Stebbins, Summer Elisabeth Boston University

Streeto, Ashley Marie Southern Connecticut State University

Suits, Claire Ellen University of Connecticut

Tamayo, Valeria Albertus Magnus College

Teahan, Christina Marie Assumption College

Teahan, Kimberly Lynn Assumption College

Torres, Anna Rose Albertus Magnus College

Treiber, Christian Alexander Quinnipiac University

Triebel, Katherine Jennifer Eckerd College

Trotta, Frederick Joseph Providence College

Truedson, Matthew Joseph University of Connecticut

Tucker, Jeffrey Alan Bryant University

Updyke, Lindsey Nicole Syracuse University

Urban, Kristen Mingxia Eastern Connecticut State University

Valaitis, Keira Grace Keene State College

Vanacore, Megan Hali The College of Saint Rose

VanDerMaelen, Emily Margaret Freelance Artist

Vandlik, Eric Michael University of New Haven

VanSteenbergen, Kathryn Elizabeth Wheelock College

Vargas, Kathryn Gabrielle Wesleyan University

Veitch, Rachel Rose Middlesex Community-Technical College

Ventresca, Juliana Elizabeth Lafayette College

Vilaseca, Wyatt Benjamin Bradley Catawba College

Vroom, Trevor Huston Bowdoin College

Wagner, Mary Grace University of Vermont

Warner, Olivia Marie University of Saint Joseph

Webb, James Arthur University of Miami

Weed, Mark Clifford Gateway Community College

Weidman, Benjamin Matthew Keene State College

Weil, Claire Noeline Tulane University

Weiss, Mikaela Brooke American University

Wettemann, Paul George University of Connecticut

Williams, Douglas Peter Southern Connecticut State University

Williams, Richard Martyn University of Notre Dame

Williams, Timothy Scott Coastal Carolina University

Wilson, Nathan Gauntlett Roger Williams University

Winer, Rachel Beth The University of Arizona

Wolek, Brian Christopher Yasuyosh Northeastern University

Zeller, Ashley Marie University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Zergiebel, Eric Michael Central Connecticut State University

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