Ritter right choice in 20th Dist. primary

Registered Democratic voters living in the 20th Senatorial District have an important primary in August. If retiring Sen. Andrea Stillman represents you, this primary is for your area. Unaffiliated voters have time to register as Democrats in order to vote on Aug. 12. Every vote is important.

State Rep. Betsy Ritter, the endorsed candidate, has 15 years experience with municipal government issues as well as several years of outstanding success in the House of Representatives in Hartford. Betsy has a proven record of working for her constituents. Let's give her our votes so she can continue representing us. She is the better choice for our senator.

Ritter scores a 95 percent lifetime rating for her advocacy for environmental initiatives by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters. AARP honored her with the 2014 Legislative Leadership Award. She will be an excellent senator for the entire 20th District.

I will be voting for Ritter at the Middle School in Old Saybrook. Please join me.

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