Ex-school aide quits over sex-offender registry listing

Bridgeport (AP) - A former school aide who says he is wrongly listed on a Texas registry as a sex offender resigned Thursday from his positions on Bridgeport's Ethics Commission and South End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone.

Mack Henry Allen Jr. has become caught up in a widening state and local probe into how his former employer, Family Urban Schools of Excellence, staffed Dunbar School.

"I care too much about the city and the great things that are happening to unjustly serve as a distraction," he said as he announced his resignation.

Family Urban School of Excellence, or FUSE, is a private charter school management company.

The Connecticut Post reports that Allen said he did not conceal details of his past. "I never hid my background from anyone," he said.

But he did not list a guilty plea to "accessory to attempted rape" that he said a Los Angeles public defender persuaded him to make when he was 13. Allen said he did not commit the crime. In addition, the conviction for which he served time in juvenile detention was sealed following his probation, he said.

Allen said that when he was hired for the job at Dunbar School, he was told there would be a background check.

"I had no problem with it. As far as I knew, all was disclosed," he said.

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