Fitch Middle School seeks funding for utilities, minor repairs

Groton - The town will need approximately $68,000 to pay utilities at Fitch Middle School and may need an additional $20,000 to make minor repairs like fix roof leaks when it takes over the building from the school department, Public Works Director Gary Schneider told the Town Council this week.

The school district was expected to transfer the middle school to the town July 1, but has not done so yet, Town Manager Mark Oefinger said.

Nothing was budgeted for this fiscal year for maintenance of the school. Oefinger will have to seek a supplemental appropriation from the Town Council, he said.

Town Councilor Rich Moravsik said he was disappointed the town didn’t budget anything for maintenance when it knew it was going to end up with the school. Oefinger said the budget was already well underway when the decision was made.

The school district also still has “a large amount” of material in the building, including the basement, according to Schneider.
“I don’t want to inherit a building filled with stuff,” Oefinger said.


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