Sealing the border is the first step

Due to my compassionate nature, I wish to feed many of the world's hungry. I set up operations and advertise everyone is welcome to come in through the front door of my building. At the front door I "process" the people to ensure that they have no contagious diseases. Long line forms due to the processing delays.

People discover that in the back and sides of the building are unmonitored entrances they can use to avoid the lines. My operation is soon overwhelmed by the masses avoiding the "required" entrance. I request funding to establish more monitors at the main door, or perhaps a secondary processing door. Things do not improve.

Until all the unauthorized entrances are sealed, the operation will continue to be overwhelmed. Unless, and until, the border is sealed as the first step, no amount of policy changes can result in an effective and fair immigration policy.

How hard a concept is this for the president to understand?

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