Taxpayers foot the bill for these immigrants

Where's the outrage? Thousands of illegals are streaming across the southern border, invading our country, and President Obama wants 2 to 3 billion dollars to process, house and care for them. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

President Obama has signaled to the world that once you get here you can stay, illegal or not. This means taxpayers nationwide will have to feed, hospitalize the sick, clothe and provide housing for all who crash through the porous, unsecured border. Is this a national emergency or not? Where will all these people live? What will they do when school starts? Who will pay to feed them?

The U.S. taxpayers, that's you and me the last time I looked.

President Obama will not build a fence to keep illegals out. President Obama will not send the National Guard to keep illegals out. President Obama wants illegals to crash our borders in order to turn the U.S. into a third-world country so we can enjoy all the benefits that status provides. High unemployment, poverty, rampant drug abuse and a national malaise.

All money bills originate in the House of Representatives. Call your representative and demand that President Obama's request for money be denied. Obama caused this problem. Let him solve it.

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