Tolls are better than a high gas tax

Here's the way it works folks: If we just complain to each other, our self-serving, lobbyist-bought politicians in this state will continue to pat each other on the back saying the flock is happy, we don't hear any opposition for our tax increases.

Been to the gas pump lately? Turned on the TV lately to news channels? Isn't it great to hear that regular gas in this state sells for $3.99.9 per gallon, cash and higher if you use credit while the average price for gas across the nation sells for 3.69.9. Now swallow a little harder, our fearless leaders in Hartford wants to increase the gas tax further.

Why hasn't this state set up tolls at the state borders? Except for Rhode Island everywhere you go toll booths stand ready for you to hand over the bucks. I would support tolls on all major highways in this state if I was assured that money wouldn't end up in politicians pork barrels. Imagine the billions Connecticut has lost since the tolls were taken down. In reinstating tolls on our states highways for the sole purpose of paying for infrastructure upkeep and lowering motor vehicle fees it is my feeling that the general population would welcome this in good faith.

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