Report of gun prompts search, arrests in New London

New London police along with Waterford and Groton City police detained about a dozen men and took several into custody at the parking lot of the former Port City Auto at the intersection of Colman Street and Walden Avenue Friday.

New London — Several men were taken into police custody Friday following what witnesses said were reports of a man flashing a gun in the area of Colman Street and Walden Avenue.

Shortly after 6 p.m., police scoured the area in search of the man with the gun and detained at least a dozen men who were handcuffed and lying on the pavement outside the former Port City Auto at 197 Colman St.

Numerous New London police officers, along with several Waterford and Groton City officers and at least one state trooper, searched and placed some of the men into awaiting cruisers.

Walden Avenue was temporarily blocked by police vehicles.

Several witnesses said the men had gathered to record a music or YouTube video. Most of the men who were detained were later released. Police said they expect charges against four people.

Further information on the charges was not immediately available.


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