Obama invites invasion with his border policy

In your editorial, "No quick fix at border," (July 11), you conveniently left out the fact some Democrats (Reps. Cuellar, Vela and Gripalva) also called for President Obama to visit the border. Was it bias that allowed you to leave that item out? Anyways, Obama was too busy with his "photo-op" playing pool "to take the bait" with a photo-op at the border.

You also approve of Obama throwing around $4 billion as if it was a magic answer to stopping this tragedy. Obama and his government have stopped the funding for senior citizen new construction under the HUD 202 program, which usually is around $750 million, but gee, that would be to help our own seniors, not a priority with Obama. They also have stopped increases for Social Security payments, but that too would benefit our own people.

Yet he and his followers don't mind spending $4 billion for non-citizens.

America, or any country, has a duty to defend and protect its borders against invasion by anyone or that country ceases to be a sovereign country. Obama has failed to defend our borders - period.

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