Rick's List: Dumpster edition

Rick Koster offers weekly lists of ideas, notions and things that must be seen to be believed.

We recently rented one of those large industrial-size Dumpsters that gets dropped off in your driveway - the theory being that if we paid actual money for such a thing, we'd be forced to get off our duffs and clear out years' worth of "really important" memorabilia that we've finally admitted isn't "really important" at all. And, by God, we did it! Our attic, basement and garage are now showplaces of order and pristine cleanliness - so much so we've contacted L + M to see if they want to rent our basement as a kidney transplant facility. Still, we just couldn't purge everything. Here's a list of items I was unable to throw away.

1. From the rock-dude era: a pair of sky-blue and silver platform shoes.

2. Notebooks containing my first-ever novel - all handwritten. Was it a horrible manuscript? Yes, but the fact that it's in cursive makes it worth keeping.

3. A crucifix that belonged to my paternal grandfather, and which was reportedly blessed by Pope Pius XII.

4. A baseball autographed by a presumed major leaguer. I can't be certain because we can't make out the dude's name. He did legibly add #11 after the signature, so that narrows it down.

5. The cardboard box that originally contained my sainted father's cremated remains.


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