Palestinians to blame for conflict with Israel

I find it interesting, but not completely surprising, that The Day's coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict highlights the plight of the Palestinians at the hands of Israel. This coverage seems to comport with a large cadre of liberal media, such as the New York Times, and the majority of broadcast TV.

Hamas (Palestinians) is a recognized terrorist organization with a bent to destroy Israel and it's people. Israel's response to their aggression (rockets pouring into Israel daily) is to retaliate with serious force. This fact seems to get bare mention in the press.

Be reminded that Israel is one of our few allies in that region and is surrounded by Islamist extremists.

Before anybody bemoans the Palestinian plight, keep in mind that they would be firing rockets on this country if they could! What would our response be? With the current administration it would probably be to send Secretary of State John Kerry over there to put everybody to sleep with pointless rhetoric.

Israel's leaders are people of strong action and few words, something our leaders should learn from.

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