Seaside house building the simple, best choice

Where is the leadership in the Town of Waterford? I have given up on any type of leadership from our state elected officials. The solution to the Seaside decision is simple. We do not need another state or local park. We have one of the most beautiful in the state a half-mile away called Harkness State Park. We do not need more access to the water or to a beach. We have a top beach right next to the top park - it's called Waterford Beach.

What we need is more tax revenue to pay for all the spending Waterford continues to lump onto the taxpayers. So here is the solution. Level the eyesore buildings. Who really cares who they were designed by, anyway? They are just plain ugly.

Sell the land to a developer who will then subdivide the land into high-priced building lots where high-priced homes will be built that will add to the tax base. You accomplish the following; take care of any traffic issues the neighbors are concerned about, increase the tax base, increase the value of the homes surrounding the property, while getting rid of the rotting buildings.

Keep it simple.

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