Rid Gaza of Hamas, then start peace talks

Carleen Gerber is correct that "peace (between Israel and Gaza) is possible," but it is only possible if Hamas completely changes and the terror infrastructure in Gaza is completely eliminated, as is required by existing agreements between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel, "Mideast retribution breeds moral blindness," (July 22).

Gaza has been primarily under control of the Arabs for two decades and has been completely under Arab control since 2005, when Israel cleansed it of its Jewish presence and left, lock, stock and barrel. Gaza could have been a model for an independent Palestinian Arab state, but Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah preferred to use it as a weapon in their drive to destroy Israel.

After the 2012 cease-fire, Israel acceded to requests by humanitarian agencies and sent large amounts of building supplies to Gaza. Rather than being used to help the people, those supplies were used to build an enormous network of elaborate tunnels to be used to store weapons, including rockets, as terror bases and as the means to attack Israeli communities.

In 2014, we must not repeat the mistakes of the past, counterproductive ceasefires. If we wish to save lives, most of all the lives of people living in Gaza, the terror infrastructure in Gaza must be permanently destroyed.

Gaza can and should be a seaside paradise, but first Gaza must be saved from Hamas.

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