Ritter's strong record on environment, health

As a physician and conservationist with a keen interest in politics and policy, I am delighted to find that Betsy Ritter is running to be state Senator.

She has served with distinction in the state House of Representatives, chairing the Public Health Committee in a time of national upheaval in health care. Connecticut health consumers, including those on Medicare and Medicaid and those formerly without health insurance, have had a direct benefit from policies under her guidance.

Ritter's voting record on conservation has been outstanding, issues that affect not only your health, but the health of the economy, including clean water and air, and wise land use. She understands that a sustainable economy requires sustainable health care systems and a healthy environment.

Those who share my concern about these issues should reward Betsy Ritter for her past good work, and help keep Connecticut on track, by voting for her in the Democratic primary Aug. 12. Primaries are usually decided by a small percentage of voters. This is an opportunity to have your vote make a big impact.

Betsy Ritter has earned our support. If eligible, please vote for her in the Democratic primary for 20th District state Senate.

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